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Work is global.
Inspiration is local.
Color is universal.

Every day, ServiceNow helps organizations find smarter, faster, better ways to work.

The world works with ServiceNow.

Beginning in 2021, I/D.W partnered with ServiceNow to reinvent a global photography program.

Shot across 9 countries, and engaging a network of 20 photographers, ServiceNow’s new photography and video style boldly establishes an own-able look for unique storytelling about their core product offering—and how the world of work has transformed entirely in our collective recent history.


Creative production + global artistry

Across continents, I/D.W sourced from a network of trusted global artists to work locally and tell honest visual stories about their cities and communities. As the centralized creative and production team,
I/D.W provided the through line for all art buying—both attended and assignment shoots as well as licensing—in order to create a cohesive brand library of over 800 final images and several hours of edited video footage.
Guided by a clear and inspired brief, creative teams captured hundreds of participants across urban, workplace, and work from home environments. The final body of work is authentically human and unbounded—reinventing the meaning of "digital transformation" to embody human energy, ingenuity and potential.

Unified color system

The I/D.W Post team worked closely with ServiceNow’s brand team and their newly established design system to create an ownable look and feel across all still and video assets.
The resulting color system allows for the flexibility to work with local artists around the world with varying camera systems and lighting conditions, while still delivering a cohesive image library that showcases bold contrast,  and broad color range, and vibrant skintones celebrating diversity.
20+ artists and counting, a combination of still and video assets, attended and assignment shoots produced all over the world, art buying directly from artist archives…  and one color system to unite them all.

Participating artists

Kento Mori
Maria del Rio
Matthew Johnson
Olly Burn
Peyton Fulford
Rebecca Toh
Roadwork Studio
Ricky Rhodes
Sean Marc Lee
Spencer Lowell
Sydney Foster
Takuya Nagata
Tobias Rowles
Ty Cole
Vishal Marapon
Abigail Bobo
Alex Crétey Systermans
Arturo Torres
Carmen Chan
Connie Zhou
Dan Burn-Forti
Dustin Aksland
Elliott Wilcox
Emily Nathan
Evaan Kheraj
Grant Harder
Isak Tiner
John Francis Peters
Joshua Harris