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CVS Health recently embarked on an ambitious initiative to rebrand and reposition itself as a nationwide health solutions provider.

Serving as an integrated partner to a rapidly growing in-house brand and marketing team, IDW Post is a central resource for full-service post-production, driving quality and innovation.

In-house brand meets integrated post

Over many years of collaboration, the partnership between CVS Health and IDW Post has elevated creative and ensured consistency across dozens of in-house teams, including those managing national campaigns. Together, we craft visual narratives that are reshaping healthcare in America, drawing from commissioned shoots, licensed imagery, and corporate communications.

Campaigns through corporate communications

IDW Post applies the same strategy to national campaigns as it does to brand and corporate communications. We ensure that images match across disparate sources for skin tones, shadows, highlights, contrast, and saturation, as well as elements like skies and greenery.
Our team strategically considers how to enhance images to captivate the target audience. Simplifying backgrounds, minimizing distractions, and accurately representing products all contribute to maintaining a consistent brand aesthetic and delivering dynamic imagery.

Brand color style

A proprietary and ownable color grading style devised by IDW Post creates consistency across all print and digital deliverables. At the forefront of this system is the signature CVS Health red, ensuring that every frame, whether in print or digital form, resonates with the vibrancy of CVS Health's brand identity.