CVS Beauty

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CVS Beauty Mark is a revolutionary initiative launched by CVS Health in 2018 to promote transparency and authenticity in beauty advertising campaigns by counteracting unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by digitally altered imagery.

Beauty in Real Life

IDW Post and CVS Health collaborate to bring the Beauty Mark standard into all beauty imagery, ensuring that skin, hair, and body shape are never altered.
IDW Post takes great pride in helping define the standard, enhancing makeup to match true product colors, simplifying flyaways, reducing distractions, plating images on brand colors, and delivering files as layered PSDs for easy integration into layouts.

A year of beauty creative

Through strategic planning and creative execution, IDW Post works programmatically with the CVS Health beauty team to create annual installments of visual assets showcasing the beauty products sold at CVS Health.
Through still imagery, motion GIFs, and behind-the-scenes captures, the final creative is destined for both print and digital use, increasing engagement on social media platforms and elevating the brand offering.

Print campaigns through social

Tailoring post-production for diverse channels, from large format print to newsprint and social media, IDW Post customizes deliverables for each platform.
Through careful adjustments in color, resolution, and formatting, the creative remains impactful across different mediums, maintaining consistency while adapting to specific requirements.

This strategic approach not only maximizes engagement but also reinforces the brand's presence, effectively reaching audiences wherever they may be.